Acknowledgments, Part Two




Also, lest tackling this quest start to go to my head, I want to point that I’m not the only person to do so, nor, should I succeed by Sunday will I be the first to see every nominee.  That honor goes to the incomparable Nick Davis, an English professor who completed the Best Actress category back in 2010 and nearly led me to give up from sheer inferiority.  In addition, in my Google searches I constantly encounter two far more robust blogs covering the Best Actress race, year by year: The Oscar Nerd and Fritz and the Oscars.  For those who are much more interested in the Oscar race than little old me, I can’t recommend the three authors of these sites enough!  All of them have considerable critical skills, insight into Oscar history, and colorful, enthusiastic writing (yes, the English professor has a bit more than his fair share of the latter!)  They make me feel positively lazy by comparison, and paradoxically, I’ve tried both to avoid aping their styles and look toward them as models for what I might eventually do with this project.  At any rate, do yourself a favor and check them out!


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