Acknowledgments, Part One

It took a place as big as LA to make this endeavor possible (at least on a budget!)  I’ve attached yet another spreadsheet below, detailing in broad categories the resources I drew upon to track down these films, in case anyone is ever inclined to follow in my footsteps.  Three specific institutions stood out in their help:

  • The UCLA Film & Television Archive: I saw 34 of the 240 films at Powell Library, including many of the most elusive titles, plus scores of the 160 I’d watched prior to officially beginning this undertaking.  Particularly in the era before the Warner Bros. Archive, Mark Quigley and the ARSC were invaluable partners in getting access to these pieces of film history.
  • The Santa Monica Public Library: I began this quest almost exclusively using their generous week-long, ten-at-a-time rental policy, and polished off nearly 100 of the 240 nominees through them alone, with eventual help from Los Angeles Public Library (two-day-long, three-at-a-time misers that they are) and the Peninsula Library System up in the Bay Area during my trips home.
  • Eddie Brandt’s Saturday Matinee: Finally discovering this video store after years in LA gave me the impetus to finally power through the end of the quest.  The number of video rentals might look skimpy on this chart (and even they are somewhat divided among other great stores like Cinefile, A Video Store Named Desire, and Vidiots).  However, EBSM is king of the deepest of the deep cuts: the vast majority of the film’s I have left were only available through their Library of Alexandria-like annals of old VHS releases and recordings.



One thought on “Acknowledgments, Part One

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