The Penultimate Mile: Interrupted Melody

(one installment in a quick series counting down from 50 to 26!)



The competition (Cliff: 5 for 5!)

Anna Magnani in The Rose Tattoo (1955)

Susan Hayward in I’ll Cry Tomorrow

Katharine Hepburn in Summertime

Jennifer Jones in Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing

Even with three nominations, Eleanor Parker is one of the most tragically underrepresented actresses in this category.  At least this biopic about a polio-stricken Australian opera star allows her a chance to show her staggeringly impressive range of abilities, including her freaking classical opera training (though she was dubbed by a professional singer, she sang the arias full voice on set).  Her performance went up against one of the all-time greats in my book, Anna Magnani in The Rose Tattoo, but this is one of the gems that made me glad I embarked on this quest.


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